EMEC PRISMA Intelligent Digital Dosing Pump

emec PRISMA Stepper Motor Smart Metering Pumps are a top end product without the high end price tag. They are on par with the most prominent brands in the market and have an incredible turndown of 4800:1 with continuous feed of product. With so many features too numerous to mention, they will suit any dosing application whilst running much quieter than a solenoid pump.

  • Stepper Motor Design ensures constant chemical delivery
  • Includes foot valve, Injection valve, 2m of Suction tube and 2m of Delivery tube
  • Programmable modes: Constant, Pulse with Divide/Multiply, PPM, Percentage, Batch, Volt, mA
  • Standard head: PVDF with Viton Seals
  • Head for Caustic: PP with EPDM seals and SS Balls
  • High Viscosity heads for Polymer: PRISMA LPV models only (8000 cps max.)
  • Reliable & accurate dosing
  • Backlit Multi-colour LCD Display (normal / warning / alarm)
  • Turndown 4800:1
  • Programmable alarm relay output
  • Pump enable/standby input
  • MODBUS RTU optional
  • BLUETOOTH to control via mobile APP optional
  • Float on foot valve stops pump dosing when chemical level in tank is low
  • Double ball check valves in foot valve, suction & discharge valves
  • Long lasting Solid Teflon diaphragm
  • Wall Mount with optional Front or Side Mount Bracket
  • TIP:  see available Models / Part Numbers below
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EMEC Chemical Compatibility Table April 2013
EMEC PRISMA Brochure 2019
EMEC PRISMA Pumps Instruction Manual R18-02-21
EMEC PRISMA Stepper Motor Pump Data Sheet R11-19
EMEC Chemical Compatibility Table April 2013
EMEC PRISMA Brochure 2019
EMEC PRISMA Pumps Instruction Manual R18-02-21
EMEC PRISMA Stepper Motor Pump Data Sheet R11-19

Additional information


Foot Mount, Wall Mount with Optional Bracket

Variables Measured



4-20mA, Pulse, Standby Dry Contact, Tank Level Dry Contact, Water Meter Make-up Pulses


Alarm Relay, Optional Modbus

Max Flow / Pressure (Head)

13 l/hr @ 10 bar, 28 l/hr @ 5 bar, 5 l/hr @ 20 bar, 80 l/hr @ 2 bar

Process Connection

1/2 inch BSP Male, 3/4 inch BSP Male


Ceramic Balls, EPDM O-rings & Seats, FKM B O-rings & Seats, PTFE Diaghragm/s, PVDF Head, PVDF Valve Bodies

Max Viscosity

100 cps, 600 cps with optional SS balls, 8000 cps in LPV Models

IP Rating


Install Kit Included

16×22 suction hose, 8x12mm delivery tube & injection valve in LPV models, 4x6mm tube, injection valve & foot valve with level float, 6x8mm tube (20 l/hr) or 8x12mm tube (30 l/hr), injection valve & foot valve

Optional Tube Size

1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 5×8 or 6x9mm

Models / Part Numbers

  • EMEC PRISMA 02 80 for max 80 l/hr @ 2 bar
  • EMEC PRISMA 04 50 for max 50 l/hr @ 4 bar
  • EMEC PRISMA 05 28 for max 28 l/hr @ 5 bar
  • EMEC PRISMA 10 13 for max 13 l/hr @ 10 bar
  • EMEC PRISMA 20 05 for max 5 l/hr @ 20 bar
  • EMEC PRISMA 25 02 for max 2 l/hr @ 25 bar
  • Add FP to Product Code above for PVDF head, Viton seals & CE Balls
  • Add PP EP SS to Product Code above for PP head, EPDM seals & SS Balls
  • Add LPV to Product code above for high viscosity head
  • Add MODB to Product Code above for Modbus RTU option
  • Exchange PRISMA for PRISMA-B for pumps with Bluetooth

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