Instructional Videos


How to read the Pulse Rate on an Arad Pulse Water Meter


How to Assemble an ARGAL ASTRA evo DDE Pump

How to Assemble an ARGAL TMA Self Priming Mag Drive Pump


DICE™ DS/DM: An Overview of the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Modules DS and DM

DICE™ DS/DM: How to perform a pump calibration using the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Module DS

DICE™ DS/DM: How to Install the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Modules DS and DM

Introducing the DICE Smart Chemical Dosing Module - Features & Benefits


How to Calibrate ORP on the DIGICHEM Plus+ Controller

Features & Operation of the Hofmann pH and ORP Simulator

How to Calibrate Conductivity in the DIGICHEM Plus+ Controller


Change Mode on EMEC KMF Dosing Pump

Change Diaphragm in EMEC PRIUS Pump

ERMES – Account Setup

What to do when a Warning Message is displayed on an emec Controller

How to Calibrate a pH controller with pH buffer Solutions

emec KPLUS Dosing Pump - how to Change Mode, Prime and read the Scale

Understanding the various Valve Configurations on emec Chemical Dosing Pumps

EMEC SCL17/18 Probe Commissioning

EMEC SCL 2/3/8/9 Probe Commissioning



Mixtron MX Dosers: Installation

Mixtron MX Dosers: Assembly


Stenner Econ Pump Tube Replacement

Stenner Pumps Overview

QuickPro Adjustable Pump Tube Replacement

Stenner S Series 4-20mA Input Calibration

Stenner S Series Duty & Standby Pump Wiring and Programming

Stenner Head & Tube Replacement

QuickPro Classic Fixed Pump Tube Replacement

Stenner S Series 4-20mA Programming

Stenner S Series Leak Detect Programming