Instructional Videos


How to read the Pulse Rate on an Arad Pulse Water Meter


How to Assemble an ARGAL ASTRA evo DDE Pump


DICE™ DS/DM: An Overview of the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Modules DS and DM

DICE™ DS/DM: How to Install the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Modules DS and DM

DICE™ DS/DM: How to perform a pump calibration using the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Module DS

DICE™ DS/DM: Introducing the DICE™ Smart Chemical Dosing Module - Features & Benefits

DICE™ DS/DM: How to Install a Pulsation Dampener on a DICE™ Module


How to Calibrate Conductivity in the DIGICHEM Plus+ Controller

How to Calibrate ORP on the DIGICHEM Plus+ Controller

Features & Operation of the Hofmann pH and ORP Simulator


Change Mode on EMEC KMF Dosing Pump

emec KPLUS Dosing Pump - how to Change Mode, Prime and read the Scale

Change Diaphragm in EMEC PRIUS Pump

Understanding the various Valve Configurations on emec Chemical Dosing Pumps

What to do when a Warning Message is displayed on an emec Controller

EMEC SCL17/18 Probe Commissioning

How to Calibrate a pH controller with pH buffer Solutions

EMEC SCL 2/3/8/9 Probe Commissioning

EMEC - pH Calibration Tutorial


SCL3N/SCL3S Amperometric Sensor Commissioning in PEF

SCL3N/SCL3S Amperometric Sensor Preparation

Conductivity Probe Tutorial

SCL3N/SCL3S Amperometric Sensor Storage after Use


ERMES - Subscripton & Access Panel

ERMES - Dashboard

ERMES - Dashboard Menu ("Plants")

ERMES - Dashboard Menu ("USB Log - manager")

ERMES - Dashboard Menu ("User")

ERMES - User Profile


Mixtron MX Dosers: Installation

Mixtron MX Dosers: Assembly


Stenner Econ Pump Tube Replacement

Stenner Head & Tube Replacement

Stenner Pumps Overview

QuickPro Classic Fixed Pump Tube Replacement

QuickPro Adjustable Pump Tube Replacement

Stenner S Series 4-20mA Programming

Stenner S Series 4-20mA Input Calibration

Stenner S Series Leak Detect Programming

Stenner S Series Duty & Standby Pump Wiring and Programming

MAX-imize the life of your Stenner pump tube


Latest Version of Corrosion Coupon Racks compliant to ASTM D2688