Cooling Tower Dosing Systems


Servicing & Assessments

Our Melbourne branch of CWC offers a range of servicing options over and above that offered by your chemical supplier or water treatment service companies.  We also offer services for water treatment service companies over and above what is usually performed by their technicians.

We focus on the condition of controllers and instruments, probes (pH, ORP & conductivity), dosing pumps and all associated plumbing, system design and layout issues as well as preventative maintenance programs.

In Melbourne and surrounds, we can also offer service contracts that include regular service and assessments and detailed reports on the condition of the system plus any recommendations on components that are at risk of failure.

Instruments & Controllers, Fault finding & Troubleshooting

Our Melbourne branch of CWC Victoria has significant experience in a wide range of cooling tower controllers. This experience allows us to identify and solve a wide range of cooling tower problems. If you are having issues with maintaining cooling tower chemistry particularly pH and ORP (Free Chlorine), we can help to identify the root cause of the problem. We can also offer data logging of systems to more accurately determine system performance.

We can also repair faulty instruments and advise on new equipment if repairs are not possible. A large range of dosing pump parts are available for sale, and we provide the ability to service and repair dosing & chemical transfer pumps.



We offer specialist cooling tower installation services from basic installations to more complex systems including re-circulation pumps and Brominator systems.

Our Melbourne branch of CWC has a team dedicated to providing this service.  In Sydney and Brisbane, this service is provided by 3rd party companies familiar with our equipment and the installation and commissioning thereof.