LUTZ Drum & Container Pumps

Lutz, the yellow drum pump is the market leader.  They are an instantly recognisable design that many have tried to copy, but failed.  These pumps are a superior quality and ensure on-going reliable chemical transfer out of drums, containers and IBCs.

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  • Drum-&-container-pumps-Drum-Pump-PVDF-with-DispenserLUTZ-MI4-E-PVDF41-L-SL-120-N

    LUTZ MI4-E-PVDF41-L-SL-120-N Drum Pump PVDF with Dispenser

  • Drum-&-Container-Pumps-LUTZ MI4-E-PVDF41-L-SL-120

    LUTZ MI4-E-PVDF41-L-SL-120 Drum Pump PVDF

  • Drum-&-Container-Pumps-LUTZ-MI4-E-PP41-L-SL-120-N-Drum-Pump-PP-with-Dispenser

    LUTZ MI4-E-PP41-L-SL-120-N Drum Pump PP with Dispenser

  • Drum-&-Container-Pumps-LUTZ-MI4-E-PP41-L-SL-120

    LUTZ MI4-E-PP41-L-SL-120 Drum Pump PP