ARGAL Mag Drive Chemical Transfer Pumps

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Argal’s range of mag drive (magnetically driven) are high performance chemical transfer pumps which include flooded suction and self priming models.  Available in models that can handle media with an SG of up to 1.8, they are available with threaded or flanged ports, PP or PVDF material.  The liquid chamber is completely hermetically sealed from the motor shaft ensuring no chemical attack when harsh and aggressive chemicals are pumped.

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  • Chemical-transfer-pumps-Mag-Drive-Pumps-Argal-TMB-Light-Duty

    Mag Drive Pumps – Argal TMB Light Duty

  • Chemical-transfer-pumps-Mag-Drive-Pumps-Argal-TMP-Medium-Duty

    Mag Drive Pumps – Argal TMP Medium Duty

  • Chemical-transfer-pumps-Mag-Drive-Pumps-Argal-TMR-G2-Large-Duty

    Mag Drive Pumps – Argal TMR G2 Large Duty

  • Chemical-transfer-pumps-Mag-Drive-Pumps-Argal-TMR-G3-Large-Duty

    Mag Drive Pumps – Argal TMR G3 Large Duty

  • Mag Chemical-transfer-pumps-Drive-Pumps-Argal-TMA-01.16-Self-Priming

    Mag Drive Pumps – Argal TMA 01.16 Self Priming

  • Mag Chemical-transfer-pumps-Drive-Pumps-Argal-TMA-10.14-Self-Priming

    Mag Drive Pumps – Argal TMA 10.14 Self Priming