DS Suction Lift Dosing Module

Discover the Re-Invented Chemical Dosing Skid Manifolds | DICE

DICE, from Meunier Technologies in Canada, is a brand new patented product brought to the Australian Market by Convergent Water Controls. DICE offers a complete replacement for manifolds incorporated in typical dosing skids. The following link explains the differences between the DICE DM and DS models DICE DM / DS Comparison

  • Integrates all the components required for a typical chemical dosing system. Block design ensures a compact and reliable system.
  • No glued or threaded connections significantly reduces chances of chemical leaks
  • Significantly reduces footprint and skid size.
  • Simple installation – 3 bolts and 4 connections
  • Extremely high quality due to individual machined components.
  • Overcomes issues of traditional piping systems such as bad joints, many potential leakage points and continual dosing pump pulsation causing mechanical fatigue.
  • Optional Calibration column installs directly onto DICE
  • Standard configuration: 1/2″, 150 psi max, Transparent Acrylic Body, PVC parts
  • On request: 1″, 250 psi max, Block in PVC or PVDF
  • O-ring options: Viton or EPDM
  • Many port configurations available: Solvent Weld, NPT Female, BSP or NPT male for hose connection kit
  • Possibility of having only 1 dosing module for 3 pumps
  • Patented Design – Meunier Technologies
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