Transparent Brominators and their benefit from a WHS perspective

One of the most commonly used biocides in cooling tower applications is bromo-chloro-dimethyI-hydantoin (otherwise known as BCDMH or hydantoin). BCDMH is a broad-spectrum halogen-releasing biocide for the control of algal, bacterial, and fungal populations in industrial water systems. It is typically supplied in tablet form, and requires a brominator system to hold the tablets and…

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CWC is now an ISO Accredited Organisation

What does it mean to be ISO Certified for Quality, WH&S and Environmental Responsibility? To be ISO Quality Certified means to have an exceptionally high international standard of quality control. As a certified company, CWC needs to adhere to these standards which results in a more advanced level of quality control across every CWC product…

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Stenner Multi Function Digital Peristaltic Pumps

When in the market for a high end dosing pump, most users will opt for a Stepper Motor Driven or Solenoid Driven Diaphragm pump with fully digital interface to program the pump. These pumps are fully mulit-fuction and are suited to be used in almost any application having an array of input and output options.…

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Stenner Ultra Low Dose Rate Peristaltic Pumps

In many cases solenoid pumps are used in preference to peristaltic pumps, as the common perception is that peristaltic pumps need too much maintenance due to the requirement of changing the squeeze tube on a regular basis. With high load applications and aggressive chemicals, this may be true. However, a peristaltic pump offers distinct advantages…

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Mag Flow Transmitter, Comms Ready - SIEMENS 7ME6920-1AA10-1AA0

Siemens Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The Siemens SITRANS F M MAG 5100 W is an electromagnetic flow sensor  for all water and wastewater applications, and is recognised by many water authorities as the best mag flow meter to monitor your trade waste water sent to sewer. In most cases, if you have a commercial operation and are sending water to…

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Mixtron Water Powered Dosing Pumps

Growers need consistent and reliable dosage, even when the volume of water in use is subject to fluctuation and varied pressure levels. However, traditional venturi dosing technologies rely on pressure stability to achieve dosage consistency and fail to fully deliver in these situations.  Water powered dosing pumps overcome these problems by using a system known…

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When should I clean my pH probe and with what?

Depending on what has fouled the probe, there are different methods to clean the probe. One can choose to clean the probe on a regular basis and calibrate [Which pH buffer solution should I use first when calibrating?], or only clean when the controller drifts out of calibration. There are various methods, however, the most…

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