Transparent Brominators and their benefit from a WHS perspective

One of the most commonly used biocides in cooling tower applications is bromo-chloro-dimethyI-hydantoin (otherwise known as BCDMH or hydantoin).

BCDMH is a broad-spectrum halogen-releasing biocide for the control of algal, bacterial, and fungal populations in industrial water systems. It is typically supplied in tablet form, and requires a brominator system to hold the tablets and slowly release the dissolved bromine and chlorine. BCDMH tablets offer a range of benefits, including: broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, it is an excellent source of bromine, it is effective at very low concentrations, bromine is more effective than chlorine over a broad pH range (6-10), bromine is more effective than chlorine in the presence of ammonia contamination, BCDMH tablets are safer to handle and store than chlorine gas or liquids, easy to use solid tablet form, especially useful for small to medium size cooling water systems where handling of chemical additives may be difficult.

Traditional brominators are constructed from opaque PVC, and require regular refilling of the tablets as they are dissolved and consumed. The only way to check how many tablets remain in such a vessel is to isolate the system, relieve any internal pressure then remove the lid. The CWC BROM-T range of brominators offer the benefit of being transparent, hence you can always tell at a glance how much chemical remains in the vessel. This helps reduce unneccessary opening and closing of the brominator at service visits, thus reducing handling and any potential chemical exposure.

In addition, the BROM-T range are designed as modules, where you can easily increase the capacity by simply adding a BROM-T centre module to an existing vessel. Hence the 23kg model BROM-T-23 system can be upsized by the simple addition of one or two brominator centre modules.

If you have a need for a safer, easier to use brominator system, please consider the BROM-T transparent brominators exclusively available from CWC.

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