Stenner Ultra Low Dose Rate Peristaltic Pumps

STEN E20VXHK5SK Peristaltic Pump, Variable Dose Rate 0.43-3.70 l/hr, 5.5 barIn many cases solenoid pumps are used in preference to peristaltic pumps, as the common perception is that peristaltic pumps need too much maintenance due to the requirement of changing the squeeze tube on a regular basis. With high load applications and aggressive chemicals, this may be true. However, a peristaltic pump offers distinct advantages in certain applications over diaphgram pumps. The most well known advantage is the peristlatic pump’s ability to self prime. But what is less known is the ability of some peristaltic pumps to dose very low amounts of chemicals on a continuous basis.

The Stenner E10LH series with high gear ratios and a 50 to 1 turndown in speed enables one to achieve these low dose rates into pressures of up to 5.5 bar. Now that is impressive!

There are 2 models available that cover from 1.3 to 240 ml/hr:
STEN E10LHMK5SK for 1.3 to 70 ml/hr @ 5.5. bar
STEN E10LHFK5SK for 3.2 to 240 ml/hr @ 5.5 bar.

Now as mentioned before, these are continuous dose rates. This means that if set to minimum speed on the dial, the pump’s roller block will rotate continuously to achieve a continuous feed of chemical at a rate of 1.3 ml/hr. The only other pump out there that could possibly achieve this is a Stepper Motor dosing pump, like the EMEC PRISMA. However, the peristaltic pump can achieve this low rate continuous feed at a fraction of the price of a Stepper motor pump. Furthermore, the Stenner pumps can self prime up to 7.6m height on the suction side of the pump. There is no way any diaphragm pump can do this…. Stepper motor or other type.

There are various applications out there for low feed dosing pumps, such as Antiscalent into RO systems & Additives for processes incl Food applications (Stenner pump is FDA approved in USA). Issue of maintenance of replacing squeeze tubes in peristaltic pumps is mentioned above, however, Stenner E10 series of pumps has a Patented mechanism for replacing the tube without any tools. The pump cover simply slides off and a new tube can be inserted with ease. Rest easy with peace of mind that Stenner is a USA manufacturer who has been around since 1957 and a leader in the peristaltic pump market.