CWC is now an ISO Accredited Organisation

What does it mean to be ISO Certified for Quality, WH&S and Environmental Responsibility?

To be ISO Quality Certified means to have an exceptionally high international standard of quality control. As a certified company, CWC needs to adhere to these standards which results in a more advanced level of quality control across every CWC product and service. The requirements in place do not stop at quality. CWC meets the requirements to ensure the Work Health and Safety of its employees, plus the safety of visitors to CWC’s premises. Furthermore, we have implemented many initiatives required to achieve the ISO accrediation for Environmental Responsibility, reducing our carbon footprint.

When you contact your supplier, you have certain expectations in place. We have ISO accreditation because we wanted to give you even better value for choosing CWC. Rest assured, with our quality systems in place, we strive to ensure that each order is the same quality and standard, each and every time.

Read more about ISO and CWC’s ISO accreditation, here.



How does CWC being ISO Quality Certified benefit me (the customer)?

  • Minimising errors, redundancies and increasing productivity.
  • Improvement on quality, safety, and lead-time of product delivery.
  • We’re better identifying and mitigating risks within our business practices and supply chain.
  • We can lower research and development costs, therefore improving speed to market by building on previously standardised technology or systems.
  • CWC can provide uniformity in all units of measurement, and in doing so enabling accuracy and confidence in all commercial transactions locally and globally.

CWC Represents ISO Accredited Manufacturers

Many product brands that CWC represents are manufactured by Internationally recognised ISO Accredited organisations. This means that the quality of products and service is assured, right from the manufacturing stage to when you the customer receives the goods, continuing thereafter with consistent and competent after-sales support.


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