Mixtron Water Powered Dosing Pumps

Growers need consistent and reliable dosage, even when the volume of water in use is subject to fluctuation and varied pressure levels. However, traditional venturi dosing technologies rely on pressure stability to achieve dosage consistency and fail to fully deliver in these situations.

 Water powered dosing pumps overcome these problems by using a system known as Volumetric Chemical Injection. The result is that the amount of chemicals injected is proportional to the volume of water that flows through the system, providing excellent dosage accuracy. Other benefits include greater control of chemical costs, lower energy usage, and better crop performance. Normal water pressure is sufficient to drive the systems’ motor which operates the piston. The chemical additive is drawn in, mixed with the water and driven down the line to the crop.

Strong chemical resistance in the pumps are particularly helpful to growers when injecting acids for pH control, disinfecting products for pipe cleaning or other strong treatments for weed, pest or insect control. Dosage can be adjusted manually even during operation. Other advantages include the fact that power shortages have no effect on nonelectric systems and there is no damage to the injector if the chemical container becomes empty – water simply continues to pass through and irrigates the plants. The Mixtron water powered proportional dosing pumps deals with water flows up to 3m³/h (soon to be increased to 12 m³/h) with pressure up to 6 bar (soon to be 8 bar), making them suitable for irrigation booms, plant nurseries, misting systems, drip irrigation, landscaping and gardening applications.


This water powered dosing pump is suitable for:


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