CR-ASTM-4C-M20 20mm (3/4 Inch) Coupon Rack – ASTM D2688 Compliant

  • Compliant to ASTM D2688 specification for Dimensions and Flow – Standard Test Method for Corrosivity of Water in the Absence of Heat Transfer (Weight Loss Method)
  • Mounted on PVC backboard for easy installation
  • True Union ball valves fitted on the inlet and outlet for easy isolation of flow when removing coupons, and for easy retrieval of coupons when they become detached from holder.
  • Flow maintained at a fixed rate during a wide range of differential pressure across the inlet and outlet of the rack
  • Included are the new improved and strengthened quick release coupon holders
  • Download a copy of ASTM D2688 from
  • Model CR-ASTM-4C-M20-04 for fixed flow rate 20 l/min +/- 20% between 40-400 kPa differential pressure (most popular)
  • Model CR-ASTM-4C-M20-10 for fixed flow rate 20 l/min +/- 10% between 140-1000 kPa differential pressure
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Wall Mount, PVC Backboard Mounted

Max Pressure / Temp

3 bar @ 50°C, 7.5 bar @ 40°C

Port Size

20mm Solvent Weld


PVC Manifold, PVC, Coupon Holders

IP Rating