S Multi Function Peristaltic Pumps

The Stenner brand has been around for over 50 years and the top of the line S30 and S40 models do not disappoint. They are packed with more features than you will ever need. Robust and reliable, they are available in various dosing rates with continuous feed turn down, have tube leak detection, tube life timer and multitude of inputs and outputs.

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  • S-Multi-Function-Peristaltic-Pump-Variable-Speed-STEN-S3001

    STEN S30 Peristaltic Pump, Variable Speed, 13.41 l/hr, 6.9 bar max

  • S-Multi-Function-Peristaltic-Pumps-Variable-Speed-STEN-S40

    STEN S40 Peristaltic Pump, Variable Speed, 23.66 L/Hr, 6.9 Bar Max

  • STEN S50 Peristaltic Pump, Variable Speed, 49.68 L/Hr, 6.9 Bar Max