Irrigation & Agriculture Water Meters – ARAD IRT

  • Replace XX with size (080, 100)
  • For Pulse Output versions, add no. of litres per pulse at end of code (eg. 1P/100L or 1P/1000L)
  • Code example: AD-MH-100-1P/100L (i.e. 100mm, 4”, 1 pulse per 100 litres)
  • For use with Irrigation water eg. borehole, damns etc which may contain some small solids
  • Neglible loss of head
  • Field replaceable measuring unit
  • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens
  • Bearings are constantly flushed during operation to eliminate deposit of solids
  • Supplied with pulse lead (Pulse version only)
  • See data sheet for different sizes and pulse outputs
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Variables Measured

Flow Volume



Max Flow / Pressure (Head)

150 m3/hr @ 16 bar, 250 m3/hr @ 16 bar, 500 m3/hr @ 16 bar, 900 m3/hr @ 16 bar

Max Pressure / Temp

16 bar @ 60°C

Port Size

100mm Table D Flange, 150mm Table D Flange, 200mm Table D Flange, 250mm Table D Flange, 80mm Table D Flange


Polyester Coated Cast Iron Body

IP Rating