MAN PH-1-SI5006 (for Trade Waste pH Control)

  • Trade Waste pH Control 1” (25mm) Manifold on PVC board with IFM SI5006 240Vac Non-Fouling Flow
    Switch. True Union Ball valves for Inlet, Outlet & Drain. (Includes Flow switch cable), 1/2” & 3/4” ports for optional
    ½” or ¾” pH probe. Check valve omitted to reduce chances of blockage. Injection valves and temperature
    probe optional
  • Variables Measured: pH & Temp
  • Applications: Trade Waste pH Control
  • Compatible Controllers: refer Brochure in Downloads for details
  • Note: some optional parts included in Product Image (refer Brochure in Downloads for details)
  • Backboard: 600mm (W) x 345mm (H) x 10mm (D)
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