EMEC LDPHCL4-mA = Dual pH & CL2 Controller for Open Amperometric Cells

  • Programmable for dosing Acid and Chlorine
  • Proportional or On/Off Control for pH and Chlorine
  • Outputs: 1 x pH 240Vac Relay, 2 x pH Pulse, 1 x Cl2 240Vac Relay, 1 x Cl2 Pulse, 3 x mA for pH, Cl2 & Temp,
  • Tanks level inputs: 2 x pH, 1 x Cl2
  • Other I/O: 1 x Standby I/P, 1 x 240Vac Alarm Relay O/P, 1 x RS485 O/P
  • LCD display shows measured pH and Chlorine (mg/L)
  • Manual/Automatic Temperature Compensation (for pH only)
  • Max dosing alarms
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem or Ethernet/LAN card for remote connectivity via webserver and alarming via SMS/e-mail
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Wall Mount

Variables Measured

Cl2, Flow Status, pH, Temperature


Amperometric Sensor, Flow Switch Contact, pH Probe, Standby Dry Contact, Tank Level Dry Contact


4-20mA, Alarm Relay, Optional Modbus, Pulse, Switched Relays For Optional Pumps/Valves

Remote Comms

Via Optional LAN card, Via Optional Modbus, Via Optional Modem

IP Rating