EMEC WDPHCL Pool Controller pH & Free Chlorine (7l/hr/3b)

  • Controls levels of Chlorine (ie. ORP) & Acid (ie. pH) in Swimming Pools
  • Designed to measure ppm Chlorine, and compensate for pH, with Open Amerometric Cell (EMEC ECL6) and pH Probe (EMEC EPHS) – Sold Separately
  • Reliable & accurate dosing with self venting (de-gassing) head on Chlorine pump
  • Floats on foot valves stop pumps dosing when chemical level in tanks is low – individually controlled for Chlorine & Acid Pumps
  • Standby input stops both pumps (activated by contact closure)
  • Speed adjustment automatic (demand dependent)
  • Double ball check valves in foot valve, suction & discharge valves
  • Solid Teflon diaphragm prevents wear
  • PVDF Heads, Spring loaded injection valves with ceramic balls
  • Simple mounting
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Wall Mount

Variables Measured

Cl2, Flow Status, pH


Flow Switch Contact, ORP Probe, pH Probe, Standby Dry Contact, Tank Level Dry Contact


Alarm Relay

Remote Comms

Via Optional LAN card, Via Optional Modem

Max Flow / Pressure (Head)

10 l/hr @ 3 bar, 7 l/hr @ 3 bar

Process Connection

1/2 inch BSP Male


Ceramic Balls, EPDM O-rings & Seats, FKM B O-rings & Seats, PP Head, PP Valve Bodies, PTFE Diaghragm/s, PVDF Head, PVDF Valve Bodies, SS Balls

Max Viscosity

100 cps

IP Rating


Install Kit Included

4x6mm tube, 2 x injection valves & 2 x foot valves with level floats

Optional Tube Size

1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 5×8 or 6x9mm