Yarra Valley Water – Trade Waste Definition

Flow Meter Selection vital for Compliance

The selection of a Flow Meter for Trade Waste monitoring systems can be extremely important for compliance with your local Water Authority.

Trade Waste when not properly treated can;

  • Be detrimental to people’s health, their safety or the environment
  • Decay or block sewer pipes
  • Release offensive odours
  • Place extra demands on wastewater treatment plants.


Most Water Authorities Australia wide require its customers to install equipment to monitor the amount of trade waste discharge. In some cases the trade waste requires pH correction prior to discharge.  It is also often a requirement to data-log the pH, amongst other variables, as well as the discharge volume.

Along with triple interceptors, controllers, dosing pumps and sensors/probes, Water Authorities also require a trade waste suitable flowmeter. These usually are an electromagnetic flow meter. One of the main factors in non-compliance is either incorrect selection of a flowmeter size, or incorrect installation of equipment which doesn’t meet with the Water Authorities Trade Waste Policy for liquid discharge.

Each Authority has it’s own policy and equipment standards. This is why it is important for a company or it’s Trade Waste Consultant to approach the Water Authority for advice on it’s planned system. Some Water Authorities have preferred make/model flow meters which have been field tested.  However, as long as the Flow Meter can be proved to meet their requirements it may be suitable.