New Additions to the August Pricelist

  • Input card for 6 customisable logic inputs plus two current inputs to accept 4-20mA from DP-OPT-LOGR-CS-CU to display corrosion trends online
  • Auto update of date & time via webserver
  • Double sided motherboard for improved reliability
  • Single & Dual Channel Plus controllers
  • P, PI, PID, PWM control options
  • Flow rate & Totaliser inputs
  • LDS or JA PRO 96x96mm panel mount
  • Digital Plug & Play Amperometric Sensors (e.g. Free Chlorine)
  • LDSTORB2 & LDPHTORB2 controllers (single or dual channel)
  • Offline or submersible probe options
  • Digital communication between probe & controller – Plug & Play Installation
  • Auto cleaning function
  • Stepper motor design ensures constant chemical delivery
  • Backlit multi-colour LCD display (normal / warning / alarm)
  • Turndown 4800:1
  • MODBUS RTU optional
  • Slow suction stroke settings for viscous media
  • Fully multi-function and includes installation kit
  • Applications: Livestock, Fertigation, Metalworking Lubrication, Water Treatment
  • 5 – 3000 l/hr water flow with 0.03 to 10% dose ratio
  • Brushless motor – designed for continuous operation
  • Self priming up to 7.6m suction
  • Santoprene or Versilon squeeze tube (2 included) requires no lubrication
  • Dose rate adjusts via manual dial or external pulse / 4-20mA
  • Up to 21 l/hr, up to 6.9 Bar injection pressure
  • Low flow models (1.3 – 240 ml/hr)
  • Compliant to ASTM D2688 specification for Dimensions and Flow – Standard Test Method for Corrosivity of Water in the Absence of Heat Transfer (Weight Loss Method)
  • Flow maintained at a fixed rate during a wide range of differential pressure across the inlet and outlet of the rack
  • Includes new improved and strengthened quick release coupon holders