Modem Install - DIGICHEM Plus

IMPORTANT: Please submit form at bottom after steps below

  1. Power down controller
  2. Remove cover of enclosure
  3. If there is an existing modem, please remove
  4. Affix modem to controller base using velcro attachment
  5. Plug new modem into top port of the motherboard (labelled "GSM/GPRS Port"
  6. Replace cover of enclosure ensuring gasket/seal is correctly in place and no wires are trapped between lid & base
  7. Power up controller
  8. Go into Menu, Settings\Advanced Settings and Enable Remote Comms
  9. Set data log period (15 minutes recommended)
  10. Exit the menu and save
  11. Bottom line of display will show "Modem ON"
  12. Bottom line of display will cycle through messages until it gets to "FTP Done"
  13. After this it will return to normal display
  14. Please submit form below for CWC to complete online setup



    Modem Serial Number (on side of modem)

    Controller Serial Number (on side or bottom of controller lid)

    Controller ID Number (use View Settings button)