Corrosion Monitoring

By plugging the optional DP-OPT-CARD-IP-mA card in the DIGICHEM Plus+ controller, you have the additional features of 2 x 4-20mA inputs and 6 contact alarm inputs.  The 4-20mA inputs are ideal for monitoring Corrosion rates for up to 2 metals utilising the DP-OPT-LOGR corrosion monitors with 4-20mA outputs.  The corrosion rates can then be trended on the multi-parameter graphs on  The contact inputs are typically used to detect low chemical level in tanks with low level floats.  The contact state change in the level switch triggers a low chemical alarm distributed via email and/or SMS.  Please note that a 4G modem is required to be installed in the DIGICHEM Plus+ controller too in order to receive alarms.

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  • Corrosion Transmitter & Alarm Relay

    DP-OPT-LOGR LPR Corrosion Transmitter & Alarm Relay

  • mA Low Level Tank Input Card for DIGICHEM Plus

    DP-OPT-CARD-IP-mA-2 Low Level Tank Input Card (with 4-20mA) for DIGICHEM Plus+