DP-CAPH-RXB (Bleed, Inhib, BioA, pH, ORP via Brom Valve)

  • Internet Based Connectivity as an option
  • Monitoring and control of Conductivity/TDS and ORP simultaneously
  • Monitoring of pH (control optional)
  • On-board data logging
  • Continuous readout of Conductivity, Temp, pH & ORP with each setpoint on backlit LCD
  • Display and logging of cycles of concentration of the cooling tower
  • Manual slug dose feature on all pumps
  • Inhibitor modes: On bleed, After bleed, 24/7 cycle, Proportional to make-up
  • Ability to measure and log cooling tower make-up and bleed water flow rate & consumption
  • Inhibitor & Non-oxidising biocide pumps, ORP controlled solenoid for optional brominator
  • Disinfection feature to allow ORP control to a temporary high setpoint
  • 28 Day Timers for disabling pH & ORP output if continuous control not desired.
  • 28 Day Biocide Dosing programs (max 70 per week)
  • Password protection
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Wall Mount, PVC Backboard Mounted

Variables Measured

Conductivity, Flow Status, Flow Volume, ORP, pH, TDS, Temperature


Conductivity Probe with Electrodes & 47K NTC, Flow Switch Contact, ORP Probe, pH Probe, Water Meter Bleed Pulses, Water Meter Make-up Pulses


Alarm Relay, Bio A Pump Via Relay, Bleed Valve Via Relay, Inhibitor Pump Via Relay, Optional Dispersant Pump Via Relay, Optional pH Pump Via Relay, ORP Brominator Valve Via Relay

Data Logging


Remote Comms

Via Optional Modem

Max Pressure / Temp

2.7 bar @ 50°C

Port Size

20mm Solvent Weld


PVC Manifold, Solenoid valves brass

IP Rating